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When I met Jonathan Sabin back in 1988, we became fast friends. Sharing interests in meditation, healing, Native American lore, and a passion for life, Jonathan became the brother I never had. The turtles were the first jewelry piece I ever made. They were inspired by a Native American story I had heard about a great turtle that carried the planet Earth on its back. This was a explanation for how the planet moved through the universe that was shared by a variety of American tribes. The turtle in native medicine represents longevity, protection, steadfastness and wisdom.

Like so many musicians who create their greatest songs on their first album, the turtles speak to me as much today as they did 20 years ago. They still are to date my most successful piece. I think they really appeal to everyone, young and old, male or female.

The Witte family still handcrafts the turtles today in the incredible natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Creating the turtles gives us a sense of pride and peace. We hope your friends and family receive the gifts of turtle wisdom with a sense of love, compassion and peace for beings on our wonderful Planet.

John Witte and Jonathan Sabin


Since 2008

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