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The Plight of our Ocean Friends

The Plight of our Ocean Friends

The turtle wisdom website originally began as an idea. An idea that two friends designed on a white paper table cloth in a downtown Boulder café. A website featuring hand made jewelry that our clients loved. As we began to research a variety of topics about turtles; our interest in facts, lore, and symbolism evolved into a love for and genuine concern about these beautiful creatures.

When a sea turtles hatches, the struggle to survive begins instantly. Each turtle that hatches takes one lap around the nest; and then begins the race to the ocean. The turtles that hatch at night follow the light of the moon and stars to tell them where the ocean is. It is a perilous 20 to 30 yard journey with a low survival rate. One of many hazards are intoxicated tourists who walk the beaches at night accidentally ruining nests. Many biologists and scientists have organized groups to rope off and take care of hatch areas. They cannot patrol everywhere though, and car headlights, fire pits and flashlights can confuse the young turtles. Many die by going the wrong direction, or getting hit by cars. Coyotes, raccoons, and even dogs dig up nests and eat the eggs. Egg poachers and vandals have also destroyed many nests particularly in Florida. Mother turtles dig fake nests to deter predators, but the eggs are defenseless. Even The babies are easy prey for sea gulls and other ocean birds. Mother turtles, who return every year to lay eggs where they were born are not immune from danger. They are many times killed by poachers who want to sell illegal turtle meat to Asian seafood vendors, or accidentally killed by boat props.


We were absolutely blown away upon uncovering this information. What you have just read about is only the tip of the iceberg. Immediately we asked ourselves what can Turtle Wisdom do? How can we affect change and help the oceans turtles not only survive but thrive for many generations? Our website is not only a cool gallery that sells handcrafted jewelry. We are also an organization that is committed to saving these 200 million year old creatures from almost certain extinction.

Organizations now exist around the world to help preserve the Sea Turtle. One of our favorite groups is National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation. Located in Florida, This group not only helps save injured turtles; but is extremely active during hatch seasons, guarding nests on the beaches, and helping the baby turtles have a fighting chance. Some Seaside communities are now limiting the amount of light and traffic beaches can have during a hatch season. Many Aquariums have created turtle rehab programs for adults that were injured by boats and fishing nets. Most important is the protection the baby turtles receive when they hatch. The proactive efforts of these various preservation groups during the hatch is the single most important key to their long term survival. Turtle-Wisdom is currently giving X% of its net profits to National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation. Please feel free to visit their website through our link. Please make your own contributions, and if you live in Florida, get involved. All of these organizations can always use more volunteers and donations. May the sea turtles swim for another 200 million years!

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John Witte & Jonathan Sabin


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